This Global Talent Open Badge (GTOB) is designed to acknowledge students’ exceptional international skills and competences. The GTOB also helps employers to identify internationally talented job seekers / future employees / recent graduates.

You want to encourage students to develop global competence during their university studies. Global Talent Open Badge is a reward for completing specific studies and having completed a study or work placement abroad. Global Talent Open Badge is also a quality assurance, since it is issued on behalf of the student’s home university. If your university values communication skills in many languages, intercultural competence and you encourage students to study or work abroad, then we encourage you to also start using Global Talent Open Badge.


The Global Talent Open Badge is available for all degree students studying at a Finnish university or university of applied sciences. The content of the GTOB is the same for all institutions in Finland. The GTOB has been created in the Open Badge Factory platform. Your institution needs to have the Open Badge Factory license in order to issue the badge.

In order to get the Global Talent Open Badge, the student will need to fulfill each criterion in each of the following  categories:

  • Language and Communication
  • Intercultural Competence
  • International Experience Abroad

The student compiles e.g. a portfolio that provides all the necessary transcripts, certificates or proof of fulfilling the criteria. The student has the responsibility to collect the necessary documentation to support his/her application.  

How to get started

1. Learn more about the criteria for students to get the Global Talent Open Badge – what they need to do or complete to get the badge. Your university needs to commit to this criteria.

2. Discuss with key persons at your university about the GTOB and the process of issuing GTOBs to your students. What department / unit can check that the student meets the requirements? Who could issue GTOBs at your university?

3. Find out if your university has an Open Badge Factory license. The GTOB exists in Open Badge Factory and can be shared directly to your university’s Open Badge Factory portal. If your university does not have a license, find out who can make a decision about the purchase (e.g. e-learning services, IT department).

4. Contact the universities who use Global Talent Open Badge to get started. The GTOB user group has its own Teams group including many resources and templates that you can use and edit to fit your university’s needs.

5. The badge is ready, and you do not need to reinvent a thing, only create an internal application process for your university. There are templates for this too.

Download brochures

The brochures can be tailored to include your university logo in them.