Does your organisation need a curious problem-solver who has gained exceptional skills abroad?

Find a talent

With the help of Global Talent Open Badge it is easy for you to recognize interculturally competent talents.  The badge holders have the digital Global Talent Open Badge awarded by their home university in their online resume, LinkedIn profile etc.

The Global Talent Open Badge is created by Finnish higher education institutions for their students. In order to get the badge the student needs to have both language skills & intercultural competence skills as well as international experience from abroad.

Award criteria

A global talent has / is:  

  • gained exceptional global competence during studies.   
  • persistent, curious and courageous  
  • adaptable to new environments,   
  • proven problem-solving skills   
  • developed multicultural team-working skills
  • interest in global issues
  • involved in international networks.  

Who are behind this?

Global Talent Open Badge is a digital open badge created by a group of Finnish institutions of higher education. Also the Chamber of Commerce in Ostrobothnia, students at Centria University of Applied Sciences, staff members at Lahti University of Applied Sciences, Confederation of Finnish Industries, TEK, Tietoyhteiskunnan kehittämiskeskus ry TIEKE), student organisations (SYL, SAMOK), Finnish National Agency for Education, working group of the heads of the university language centers and as well as the heads of international offices of Finnish UAS (Pinnet network) have contributed in the creation of the badge.


Paula Erkkilä, Director, Ostrobothnia Chamber of Commerce