Find your global talent

Global Talent is an Open Badge created by a group of Finnish universities to showcase their students’ intercultural competences.

Global Talent Open Badge is a digital certificate created by a group of Finnish universities which acknowledges the international competence, skills and talent university students have gained.

For students

Develop your employability skills and global competence while studying, and become a Global Talent. Build your competence by choosing global elements into your study path and obtain a Global Talent Open Badge.

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For employers

Does your company / organisation need a curious problem solver who has gained exceptional skills abroad? With the help of an Global Talent Open Badge it is easy for you to recognize these talents.

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For universities

Help your students to recognize and showcase their intercultural competences to employers. Join our team and start utilizing the Global Talent Open Badge and all the ready-made tools along with it at your university.

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About us

Global Talent Open Badge was created by a group of Finnish universities. Also the Chamber of Commerce in Ostrobothnia, students at Centria University of Applied Sciences, staff members at Lahti University of Applied Sciences, Confederation of Finnish Industries, TEK, Tietoyhteiskunnan kehittämiskeskus ry TIEKE), student organisations (SYL, SAMOK), Finnish National Agency for Education, language instructors (working group of the heads of the university language centers) and Pinnet network have contributed in the creation of the badge.

Contact any of the current users of the badge for further information.