In order for the student to receive the Global Talent Open Badge, (s)he needs to meet all the requirements of the below criteria.

Language and Communication

The student has professional language and communication skills in English and an ability to use one or several other languages, to operate in an international environment.

The Global Talent Open Badge holder is able to communicate in English and a minimum of one other language other than the mother tongue.

To meet this criteria the student must have:

  • professional level communication skills in English. (S)he has e.g. completed the obligatory professional English language course of his/her degree.
  • demonstrate an ability use English or another foreign language in a professional setting by completing a minimum of 25 ECTS credits of academic course work. This can include courses completed abroad.
  • demonstrated an ability to use additional language(s) other than one’s native language or English in everyday life. This can be showcased e.g. with a language test result, language course certificate or a short video clip.
  • developed his/her presentation skills by sharing his/her international experience to other students e.g. in events or social media.

Intercultural Competence

The student understands what intercultural competence consists of and has shown interest and ability to develop his/her competence.

The Global Talent Open Badge holder is able to pay attention to key cultural factors and can explain what is needed to operate appropriately and efficiently with people from different cultural backgrounds. The student has shown ability to reflect on his/her competences and to set goals for developing them on a course.

To meet this criteria student must have:

  • completed a minimum 3 ECTS credits of academic courses on intercultural competence and
  • taken a minimum of 5 ECTS credits of professional courses with a global perspective within his/her own field.

International Experience Abroad

The student has shown curiosity and courage to challenge himself / herself by working or studying minimum of 2 months abroad

To meet this criteria student must have:

  • completed a min. 2-month student or work placement abroad (applicable from the academic year 2021-2022 onwards). The badge issuer may also approve previous experience abroad.
  • demonstrated the ability to operate effectively in another culture by succeeding in the agreed goals of the study or work placement. In other words, the student has successfully completed the courses or internship duties agreed on in his/her study plan / work placement contract.